In 1995, I became an ordained as a minister of the non-denominational Universal Life Church in order to conduct a wedding ceremony for a close friend. 

Since then, I've conducted ceremonies for my friends, and for  their friends, all across the U.S. and, with some local official assistance, overseas (in Sri Lanka).​

It is such a joy to help people share the right sentiments on this most important of days!

My goal as a wedding celebrant is to help people have the wedding ceremony they dream of. 

My standard ceremony can be tailored to fit any beliefs, traditions or philosophies that you choose.  The main thing is that the ceremony be meaningful to you, and reflect who you are and who you want to be as a couple.


This wedding took place at the lovely Paradise Road Villa Bentota, Sri Lanka and is a great example of a "Fusion" Wedding Ceremony -- perfect for international couples and their families.

A portion of the ceremony can be seen at 3:14, but start watching at 2:50 to see the traditional Kandyan dancers!